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Cowboys' Brooking Assesses Eagles Offense

Leave it to Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking to provide some bulletin-board material for the Eagles for next season.

Appearing on "Galloway and Company" on 103.3 FM ESPN in Dallas-Fort Worth, Brooking weighed in on a number of topics during a radio interview the other day, including Donovan McNabb and the Eagles' play-calling in those final two games at Dallas at the end of last season.

The "stinging assessment" of the team's play-calling caught the attention of NFC East blogger Matt Mosley, who left fans this question to ponder over the weekend: "Do you guys think the Eagles were too predictable in those games or is Brooking just sticking up for McNabb?"

Mosley also shared some of Brooking's comments from the interview.

"The way we dominated them, obviously McNabb didn't play his best, but they were very predictable," Brooking said of the Eagles' offense. "We knew exactly what was coming on every play. A lot of that didn't have to do with Donovan McNabb.

"Sometimes the old thing about you don't know what you've got until it's gone ... I promise you," said Brooking. "Now, that [Kevin] Kolb kid may end up winning three or four Super Bowls for that city. I can't predict that. But Donovan McNabb, his body of work and what he's done for that franchise, there's not a lot of guys who come into this league who have played as long as he has and can say they've accomplished what he's accomplished."

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 7:00 a.m., April 3

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