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Cole: That Was An Exhibition Game

Defensive end Trent Cole saw the Dallas Cowboys players celebrating after last Sunday's win by donning NFC East championship T-shirts and hats. While that would have been a nice honor, Cole is seeking something much larger and more meaningful.

"A couple of hats, a couple of T-shirts, that's not going to get you the Super Bowl. Basically, I'll call that an exhibition game," Cole said. "Everyone growing up wanted to be in the Super Bowl and play in the Super Bowl. We have a chance at it now. We have a chance of winning the Super Bowl and getting that ring. There's a lot of stuff involved. It's being a part of history, too, for the Eagles."

Cole has already established himself as one of the premier defensive ends in franchise history. A two-time Pro Bowl selection, Cole has 47.0 career sacks which ranks fifth in the team annals. He's coming off of a regular season where he posted a career-high-tying 12.5 sacks. However, he had just one of those sacks in two games against the Cowboys.

"It was a little bit of me not getting there. And some of it was them getting the ball off. They were getting the ball downfield. It was a good game plan they had," Cole said of last Sunday's loss. "You can tell the offensive coordinator is a top guy. He likes to change it up with the run, pass, run, pass. You do what you have to do, just go in there and play."

And Cole will be the first to say that the Eagles didn't do that well last week. The Eagles afforded Dallas quarterback Tony Romo too much time in the pocket and allowed their offense to be two-dimensional with the rushing attack.

"We have to get more pressure. Our main goal is to get pressure on him," Cole said. "As a front four, as a D-line, it starts up front first. We have to get up there and get some pressure on him. We didn't do what we were supposed to do when we were supposed to do it."

Cole is very confident that it's going to be a "totally different game" this Saturday.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 5:50 p.m., January 6

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