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Cheerleader Profile: Cheryl



Craziest Thing You've Ever Done:** Getting engaged after 2 months of dating!

What You Like To Do In Your Spare Time: Jog, walk with the dogs, go to dog parks

Favorite Quote: "Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going"  - Fitness Professional Allison Deliman

Favorite Movie: "Pulp Fiction"

Favorite TV Show: "The King of Queens"

Famous Person You Would Most Like To Spend A Day With: Lena Dunham

Your Go-to Philadelphia Area Restaurant: City Pizza

Favorite Cartoon Character: Sleeping Beauty – She's always been my favorite… I think I dressed as her for Halloween five years in a row growing up!

Best Advice You've Ever Received: "Just be honest and be yourself no matter what."

Something On Your Bucket List: Own a beach house

Pre-game Superstitions or Rituals:Always talk to my Dad before I get to the stadium. He's a huge Eagles fan and his excitement is contagious!

Song That Gets You Pumped Up:"In the Air Tonight" – Phil Collins

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