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Chargers, Lions set to fill head coaching vacancies following Divisional Round

Following this weekend's Divisional Round matchups, the Chargers and the Lions are zeroing in on their choices to fill their head coaching vacancies.

The Chargers announced on Sunday night that they have agreed to terms with former Rams Defensive Coordinator Brandon Staley to become their new head coach. The Rams lost Saturday to the Green Bay Packers.

After the Saints' loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday night, the Lions are reportedly going to name New Orleans Assistant Head Coach/Tight Ends Coach Dan Campbell as their new head coach.

This would mean that five of the seven open head coaching jobs are filled with Urban Meyer going to Jacksonville, Robert Saleh taking the top job with the New York Jets, and Arthur Smith seizing the reins in Atlanta this past week.

The Eagles and the Houston Texans have the two remaining spots open. The Eagles parted ways with Doug Pederson last Monday and were the last team to start their search. Chairman & CEO Jeffrey Lurie was not concerned about the timeline to select a new coach when he spoke with reporters last week.

"There's a lot of good candidates out there. We'll think both inside the box, outside the box. I just want to say, there will be no rush here. This notion of an NFL team making a very important decision for itself and its fan base and rushing to a decision is unlike any in business, and I just don't think that's warranted," Lurie said.

"If we find a head coach soon or it's early February, it's totally great. If we're the last team picking a head coach, that's great, too, because then you have all the opportunity in the world. There's no rush. There's no pressure. There's nothing that should drive you from a decision based on just rational thought and careful analysis and getting to know the person as best you can."

If the Eagles want to hire a coach from one of the four remaining playoff teams (Buffalo, Green Bay, Kansas City, and Tampa Bay) they will have to wait until that coach's current team is eliminated before making any official announcement. The conference championship games are Sunday, January 24 and Super Bowl LV is Sunday, February 7.

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