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Castillo's Plan For A Championship 'D'

When new defensive coordinator Juan Castillo looks at his cornerbacks, he sees a group similar to that of the defending Super Bowl champions.

"I think all you got to do is look at the Green Bay Packers," Castillo said. "What position did (Charles) Woodson play in nickel? How much nickel did the Green Bay Packers play? And that'll get you excited."

Castillo says that when an offense runs a three-wide receiver formation, he plans to use Nnamdi Asomugha as the nickel back, while Asante Samuel and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will be the two outside corners.

"I think Nnamdi is a special guy," Castillo said. "He wants to make plays. I think he respects (Charles) Woodson. I think he'd love that role, being able to blitz, a big, tall guy like that coming off the edge, and then all of a sudden in press coverage on the slot guy. Sometimes if he's going to match, the slot guy may be the inside guy anyway. So it's exciting."

Castillo said that he and Asomugha talked recently and it was Asomugha who expressed interest in playing the same type of role as Woodson did for the Packers last year. Joselio Hanson, who has been the team's nickel back for several years, would be utilized as the dime back.

Despite the infusion of talent, Castillo knows that this defense will need time to jell together. But once it does …

"We're going to constantly get better," Castillo said. "I'm not saying there aren't going to be bumps in the road but when there's a bump, you go right back to your fundamentals because there's a plan. We have a plan on how to get better and this is going to be a championship defense."

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