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Carson Wentz: We're Going To Find Out What We're Made Of

With a 17-point lead entering the fourth quarter, the Eagles appeared to be firing on all cylinders.

The defense was pitching a shutout, and Carson Wentz was putting on as dominant a performance as he ever has in an Eagles uniform.

Then, in the next 15 minutes of game time, everything went south in South Philadelphia, as the Panthers completed the comeback and came away with a 21-17 win.

Wentz finished the game 30-of-37 for 310 yards and two touchdowns, but it wasn't enough to lead the Eagles to a victory. After Carolina stormed ahead late, Wentz and the Eagles had one final gasp, but Wentz was hit on a fourth-and-2 play, forcing a fumble that ended the Eagles' hopes.

"Very disappointing," Wentz said after the game. "We had chances to win it there at the end. Offensively, we had a chance to seal the deal the drive before, the two drives before, and we just didn't do it. When you're on the field at the end like that with a shot, ball's in your hand and you don't win, it's frustrating."

What happened?

"It's a culmination of things. I've got to go back and watch the tape, but that's just not the way for us to finish the game. I thought we were moving the ball well early and we kind of did some things well that we know we're capable of, and then it just seemed like we let off the gas as an offense and just stopped making plays."

The Eagles now sit at 3-4, and while the NFC East remains without a clear favorite, Wentz knows there's no time to sit back and wonder what could have been.

"You just isolate this game this week and you move on to the next," Wentz said. "You learn from it. I sound like a broken record every time we lose up here, but it's on to the next. There's no time to feel sorry for yourself. There's no time to be pissed about it. You learn from it quick and bounce back next week."

Next up for the Eagles is a trip to London to take on a 3-4 Jacksonville team that is also coming off three straight losses. Both teams played in their respective Conference Championship Games last season, and both teams will be looking to turn things around in Wembley Stadium.

After London, the Eagles have their bye week before a stretch of five division games in the final eight matchups of the year. Quite simply, if the Eagles want to get back on track, it has to start sooner rather than later.

"We're going to find out what we're made of now going forward," said Wentz. "I feel like we said that two weeks ago and we're saying it again. We're at make-or-break time almost, so to speak, but it's hard to say exactly what it's going to take. Again, we know what we can do, we do it here and there some weeks, but we've just got to put it all together."

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