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Carson Wentz Gets Big Come-From-Behind Win On His Mantle


A historic 61-yard field goal from rookie kicker Jake Elliott is giving the City of Philadelphia something to celebrate tonight. The Eagles topped the New York Giants 27-24 in their home opener this afternoon and it literally came down the last second.

With just seven seconds left in the fourth quarter, quarterback Carson Wentz's 19-yard pass to wide receiver Alshon Jeffery put the Eagles in position to give Elliott the chance at the field goal.

"Coach made a great play call that we worked on a lot," Wentz said. "Honestly, they had pretty decent coverage. Sometimes with guys like Alshon, you just got to give him a chance in that type of situation. He made a great play and we knew Jake had great range but you never really think 61-yarders are really doable, but he did it and hats off to the kid. Coaches had a lot of faith in him and he got it done. It's pretty crazy."

It was risky throwing an intermediate route with such little time remaining.

"I knew seven seconds was definitely pushing it with the route, I think it was a 15-yard route," Wentz said. "I knew we were pushing it but in those types of situations you got to take some chances out there."

It was an efficient day for the Eagles' offense as the team came into this game with much more effective results in the ground game. Wentz finished 21-of-31 for 176 yards with a touchdown and a 92.9 QB rating.

A 1-yard touchdown from running back LeGarrette Blount put the Eagles on the scoreboard in the second quarter. Blount finished with 12 carries for 67 yards, while fellow running back Corey Clement's 15-yard touchdown, the first of his career, in the third quarter tied the game up at 21-21. The Eagles, as a team, gained 193 yards on the ground to just 49 for the Giants.

"The O-line and the running backs came with an attitude today," Wentz said. "They came and ran their tails off, blocked their tails off, and that's a good defense, that's a great defense that we just played. Their record, they're 0-3, but that's a good football team and they came down here in a good, great environment, really hot day today but again the running backs left their mark today. The O-Line did a great job and that's what we have to do against good defenses like that."

Wentz and the Eagles are now 2-1 on the season and 2-0 in the division, which certainly is not a bad place to be at after Week 3.

"Our number one goal we've had all of the offseason is to win the division, so starting the season off 2-0 is huge," Wentz said. "One win on the road, one at home. I can't say enough about it and it really puts us in a good situation moving forward."

Fighting until the last second and pulling out a win says a lot about where the Eagles are headed this season. However, Wentz certainly isn't forgetting where the Eagles have been before and how far they have come in just a year.

"It's huge for us," Wentz said. "One year ago, we were always finding ways to lose these games. We were always just coming up short in just one play here, one play there. So to fight until the end, to have that comeback at the end, to get that drive together and then kick that field goal, a game-winning field goal, that was just huge for us. It's a huge sign of growth and something we can definitely build on."

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New York Giants, 27-24, thanks to a historic Jake Elliott field goal.

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