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Carson Wentz Aces Another NFL Test


"(Jason) Kelce came across running in my face, I think celebrating a little early, so I was yelling at him to get out of my face. I missed part of it, so I'm excited to go watch the highlight."

Carson Wentz didn't miss much on Sunday afternoon. In front of a raucous Lincoln Financial Field crowd, the rookie threw for 301 yards and two touchdowns, leading the way to a 34-3 rout of the Pittsburgh Steelers, a team most experts see as a big-time contender in the AFC.

Perhaps the only thing he did miss was the final few steps of Darren Sproles' 73-yard catch-and-scamper into the end zone.

When Wentz does indeed pull up the highlights of the Eagles' dominating performance, he'll see what was a complete team effort, with all three phases of the game stepping up to make plays. What he'll also see was a quarterback playing, once again, well beyond his years. Wentz eclipsed the 300-yard passing mark for the first time of his career, finding Sproles and Jordan Matthews for touchdowns.

He completed 23 of his 31 pass attempts, but the throw everyone will probably be talking about on Monday was the touchdown toss to Sproles. With the pocket collapsing, Wentz evaded the rush, scrambled to his right and dropped one perfectly along the right sideline to Sproles, who turned on the jets and did the rest.

"I was actually reading the other side of the field, and I think someone from the Steelers stepped across my face so I stepped up and it just turned into scramble mode," Wentz said. "I got out there and saw (Sproles) and he made a sweet turn up the field. Anytime you can put it in 43's hands, something special can happen on any play, and he did the rest of it.

"When you step up, you know what the route concept is. Once you step up - I was borderline about to run it - it just turns into scramble mode, but that's something we talk about a lot. We always say a play's not dead. I like to make plays when we need to, and everyone just does a great job of getting open in those situations."

Wentz's performance on Sunday was his third-straight outstanding game. After the first two, doubters questioned the strength of the Eagles' first two opponents. Those doubters will have a hard time finding any flaws this time around, though, as Wentz picked apart a Steelers team with Super Bowl hopes.

Still though, despite the magnitude of the win, Wentz is just focused on the here and now heading into the Eagles' bye week.

"We view every week as a measuring stick," Wentz said. "We're always trying to just get better and go 1-0 every week. We've done a great job of just keeping locked in - one play at a time, one rep at a time - and everyone's starting to play kind of inspired football. Everyone's believing in each other. It's been three great team wins. Defense is playing phenomenal, special teams are doing a great job and offensively we're doing our part."

Wentz said he'll use the bye week to relax, and of course, do some hunting. Eagles fans will be anxiously awaiting what he'll be able to do for a fourth act.

The Battle of Pennsylvania was won by the Eagles who improved their record to 3-0 heading into the bye week.

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