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C Sean Allen Scouting Report

C Sean Allen, East Carolina
Pos. Rank: 7 Grade: Free Agent Height: 6-3 Weight: 306 40: 5.31 Year: 4-Sr.

The Good: Explosive blocker in the middle of the line and one of the draft's most underrated centers. Plays with a nasty streak, keeps his head on a swivel, and shows good feel for the position. Effectively works with teammates, keeps his feet moving, and quick in all his actions. Bends his knees, plays with leverage and jolts opponents with good hand punch. Does enough to control defenders at the point of attack and displays the ability to hit a moving target blocking in motion.

The Bad: Not a dominant drive blocker in the middle of the line. Limited athlete.

The Verdict: Allen has done a terrific job past two seasons and has the body type the play at the next level. He possesses the skills and mentality to be used in a zone blocking scheme and could turn into an inexpensive utility lineman.

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