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C Jackson Takes 'Huge' Step In Quest For Opener

Jamaal Jackson took the next step in his quest to be the opening day starter at center on Monday when he participated fully in practice with the starters and went through his first live one-on-ones since tearing his ACL late last December. Jackson had been slowly acclimating himself back into action since coming off the Physically Unable to Perform towards the end of training camp.

"It felt good," Jackson said. "From here on out, it's just getting in shape, football shape.

"I think it'll take a little bit of time getting adjusted to the brace as far as mobility wise, but I feel strong. I didn't have a chance to go through training camp, so I'm a little fresher than most ... It's a recovery process and I'm taking steps in the right direction and hopefully we can move forward."

Jackson, who started 71 consecutive games until his injury, is also getting over some important mental hurdles that he has to overcome before getting out there in game action.

"I'm fine from a physical standpoint; it's just mentally, people falling around my legs. Actually, someone fell into my legs during one-on-ones, and ... naturally you don't want anybody falling around your legs. But when it happens it happens and now I'll know how to deal with it."

Jackson said that he can't say for certain whether or not he'll be the one to snap Kevin Kolb the ball when the team takes the field against the Green Bay Packers on September 12, but the fact that he's come so far already is unquestionably a good sign in that regard.

"That's my goal," Jackson said." A lot can change from now and September 12th, so we'll just play it by ear and I'll keep getting on my knees and praying to the good lord at night because he got me here. We'll see how it works.

"Today was a huge step for me. Today was a big step, so now I can start taking some even bigger steps in trying to get back to my old form."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 4:09 p.m., August 30

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