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Burkholder Provides Concussion Update

Quarterback Michael Vick has reached Phase 3  and could be in Phase 4 on Sunday as he continues his recovery from a concussion suffered two weeks ago against Dallas, and running back LeSean McCoy is in Phase 1, according to head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder, who updated the media on Saturday afternoon.

The rehabilitation process is a five-phase program, so both Vick and McCoy have several hurdles to clear before they are able to play again. Both have been ruled out for Monday night's game against Carolina.

Vick is reporting no concussion symptoms, and should he not have any setbacks, he may do some football-related activities on Sunday -- throwing on the field with receivers -- and would thus reach Stage 4 of his recovery. He is still "off in a few areas" as far as reaching his baseline measurements for an Impact test, but Burkholder is not alarmed. Barring any steps backward, Vick could take another Impact test on Monday.

McCoy is, according to Burkholder, in Phase 1. He reports a headache, periodic dizziness with exertion, fatigue, sleep issues and sensitivity to noise.

"He's in Phase 1 and we're not ready to exercise him until symptoms diminish," said Burkholder.

Burkholder would not speculate on when either Vick or McCoy might return to action, but he is pleased with the progress for both.

Vick has been able to attend meetings all week, while McCoy is not ready yet to sit in on meetings and watch the video.

"I'm not surprised at all and I'm not discouraged at all and I like the process that we're going through and we'll see what happens," said Burkholder. "These guys are all competitors and that's one of the inherant problems with concussion management. These guys want to play. They understand the consequences and everything, but they want to play. Now Michael is in meetings and he's around his teammates and he wants to get back out there. That's where I have to step in."

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