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Brandon Graham Travel Diary: 'We Had Heart Today'

LONDON – Nothing feels better than going out and getting a hard-fought win. Man, we needed to beat Jacksonville today and we did it. They came after us, though, and they didn't stop. They played hard. I give them a lot of credit.

But we were a desperate team. We had to have that win. Getting to 4-4 at the halfway point means so much to us. I thought that we did a good job defensively. We stopped their running game (Jacksonville gained 70 yards on 17 carries, 43 of those yards on eight runs by quarterback Blake Bortles) and we put a lot of pressure on the quarterback. We had to stay patient. We knew he was going to get the ball out of his hands fast so we couldn't get to him. We came close. I know I did. I could smell him, but I just couldn't quite close. But we just kept coming. We couldn't stop.

Late in the game, we're out there with the score tight and we needed a stop. We weren't able to do that a couple of times this year (in Tennessee, against Carolina) so it was another test of what we have inside us. We had heart today. We finished. That felt good. I hope we have some momentum going into the second half of the season.

I felt great on the field today. No fatigue at all. I wasn't huffing and puffing. I made sure to take care of my body and get sleep and get my massage on Saturday. I was straight for this game. I was hyped. All of these Eagles fans here, man, we could hear 'em. They had so much energy! It was a cool environment. A shoutout to everyone, because the Eagles' fan base is incredible. We know they travel well. We know they're going to be behind us.

I'm not gonna sit here and say that we solved everything. We ain't perfect. Not even close. But we're in the game. You want to win and improve every week and hopefully we can start doing that. I know we sure played hard and everybody felt great in the locker room after the game, no matter how much your body is hurting. 

I've got to get running, though. My wife has called me three times and we just finished playing! She's excited to get some time together as a family. I'm going to stay in London for the next week with my wife, my daughter, and my mother, and just enjoy it, see the sights, and relax. We're going to go to Paris to Disneyworld. It's going to be amazing.

And then, when I'm back in Philly, it's going to be all business again. We have a lot of things we want to accomplish. Dallas is comin' to town, and you know that's going to be a party!

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