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Bradley Impresses Reid With INT

Stewart Bradley donned the pads for the first time since his season-ending ACL tear last pre-season and managed to make a bid for the play of the day when, during the No. 1 offense vs. No. 1 defense in a "thud" drill, he picked off a Kevin Kolb pass over the middle of the field.

The pass was intended for Jeremy Maclin, who was being covered by Ellis Hobbs, but Bradley came out of nowhere as the ball was released to pick off the throw. The person most impressed with the play? Head coach Andy Reid.

"He made a great interception on the one off of Kevin," Reid said after practice. "That was tremendous. He hid himself in there, he kind of stuck inside and did a nice job of reading it and hiding himself from Kevin and you won't see Kevin do too many of those, he's pretty good with that. Bradley, he was a sneaky one on that one."

The return of Bradley is immense to a defense that is looking to integrate some new parts and raise their game under second year defensive coordinator Sean McDermott. That Bradley is able to move around without a hint of any lingering after-effects from his knee injury is one of the more promising early developments. Although, at times Bradley appeared so eager to be back on the field that he may need to calm down a bit.

"Stewart, I thought, moved around very well," Reid confirmed. "He did some good things. There were a couple plays there where I saw him get upset because he kind of knew where the play was going and he overreacted to it a little bit."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 10:58 a.m., July 31

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