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Bradley Blog: Movin' On


It was tough to lose a close one like we did in Dallas, especially a division game. But it's early in the season. We have to keep it in perspective. There are a lot of things we can improve on obviously, but there were a lot of things we did pretty well. Our focus transferred pretty quickly to today's game with Pittsburgh.

Obviously Jason Witten and Heath Miller are two different types of players, but both are exceptional tight ends, run good routes, very dependable. They have good hands and they make problems for you. I guess the similarities are that they are both a big emphasis for us.

Marion Barber and Willie Parker are different types of players too. Willie's a really fast guy and Barber's more of a "bring the wood" hard runner, so you approach them a little bit differently. They are both key, but it's probably going to be a little more apparent with Willie Parker because he has the ability to break a long run if he gets to the outside.

Stopping the run has been a big emphasis for us. It makes these teams one-dimensional. You can only imagine how tough it would be to stop the Cowboys if they are running the ball well, too. The Steelers are definitely a team that tries to run the ball and some of that has been because they've had leads and played in some bad weather a little bit. But Willie Parker leads the league in carries and he almost averages five yards per carry, so that's a pretty lethal combination.

The Steelers offensive line is similar to Dallas, too. Their guys aren't quite as big as Dallas but they move really well, especially their guards. Their guards are integral in their running game, too. They pull out, run a lot of counters and get over top and outside of their guards and centers and guards and tackles. It is going to be a tough task this week.

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