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Booker Blog: It's All About Seasoning


So, it's Dallas week here. And I'm going into Week 2 having already equaled my win total from last year in Miami, so I feel pretty good mentally. Last week was the biggest game I've ever played in the NFL. I've never been in a stadium so electric on a Sunday, at least for the team that I was playing for. But I was anticipating that when I came in here. There aren't many stadiums like Lincoln Financial Field, so my family was excited also. We haven't been in that kind of environment since I was in college at Florida State.

It was nice to have everybody behind us and to go out and play like we know we're capable of. But obviously, this week, as Dallas' home opener, is going to be a challenge. We have to go in there and make sure they don't have as much fun as we did during ours. I'm certain the intensity level is going to rise in the next couple of days because it's the Cowboys. We've been off, trying to get our bodies some rest. But I've been at the NovaCare Complex working out, and a lot of guys have obviously been working out already, too. We'll find out just how intense it's going to be soon.

The special teams, as they proved Sunday, are going to help put us in a better position to win this game. Whenever you get guys like DeSean Jackson and Quintin Demps back there, you can't help but improve. But moreso, I think it's the guys around them that have been most important to the improvement. Everybody's a year older, and experience is everything. Guys have been put in tough situations before. Now, you add two dynamic returners. Things are definitely going to improve.

I'd like to see as many touches as possible, of course, but that's something I don't worry about. I learned a long time ago that all I can do is go out there and do what I can when given an opportunity. I watched the film, and the yardage I got was the only yardage there to get on that particular play. In the end, that's enough for me, as long as I don't feel like I left yardage - or effort - on the field.

It speaks volumes of the team that we were able to recover from Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown being out, and still put up big numbers. Most fans might not have seen a couple of the guys step in and make plays like they did, and injuries are unfortunate. But if we're going to go far, just like we want to, then people have to step in. In this league, everybody's a starter. That's something Cam Cameron told me in Miami. When you're a backup, and you come in, you can't take plays off, you can't just relax. People still expect results. Hank Baskett can pile 90 yards on you in a heartbeat. It's good that he's getting opportunities. It goes back to the whole thing that experience makes everyone better. Still, it's still Week 1 and there is a lot we haven't done. But I think we've shown Dallas that they have a lot to prepare for, regardless of what Jessica Simpson may think. But hey, I don't know about all that. I only watch NFL Network and "SportsCenter."

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