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Best Advice Received From Johnson

Head coach Andy Reid introduced Sean McDermott as the new defensive coordinator Saturday afternoon. During a press conference that touched upon a wide array of topics from growing up in Philadelphia to his many years in the Eagles system to how will he work with a relatively young coaching staff, McDermott was asked what the best advice he ever received from former defensive coordinator Jim Johnson. McDermott said that it would not have been possible to explain everything that Johnson meant to him from a personal and career standpoint in a single press conference, but he did offer up this bit of advice that Johnson offered.

"Blitz ... Then blitz some more," McDermott said.

You can picture Johnson saying it himself.

Reid did not go into great detail about Johnson's health during the press conference. As we all know, Johnson was diagnosed with melanoma in his spine during the playoff run last season. He coached during the post-draft mini-camps and the team announced on May 18 that he would be taking a leave of absence. Reid did say that he had the blessing of Johnson and his wife, Vicky, to make the move to promote McDermott.

Much more to come ...

- Posted by Chris McPherson, 1:50 p.m., July 25

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