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Banner On WR Jackson And CBA

Eagles president Joe Banner explained on Friday that he would return to the role of lead contract negotiator with Howie Roseman's promotion to the general manager post. Banner said that while Roseman will continue to be "involved and help" with contract negotiations, the Eagles want the new GM to "focus on getting the right evaluations on players."

One aspect for determining who will handle specific contract negotiations will be the relationships with respective agents. That answer was followed up by the question as to who has the better relationship with DeSean Jackson's agent Drew Rosenhaus.

"You'll have to ask Drew," Banner said.

Comcast SportsNet's Derrick Gunn reported on Thursday that league sources indicated to him that Rosenhaus will approach the Eagles about a long-term contract extension for the Pro Bowl wide receiver and return specialist.

Banner explained that there are players "that require immediate attention" because their contracts are due to expire in March. There are 14 players who are about to become either restricted or unrestricted free agents. There are another 10 players who have just one year left on their respective deals.

Then, there is the uncertainty regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement. If there is no extension of amendment of the CBA by March, certain players who were about to become unrestricted free agents will only be restricted free agents. And looking beyond this year, Banner doesn't know whether there will even be a salary cap.

"We're not isolating a position. We have players that are restricted or in the last year of their deal which from our perspective is the same thing. They've got one year left on their contract. We have a lot of things to figure out,"" Banner said. ""It's all complicated by not knowing what the CBA is or is going to be of if there's even going to be a cap this year. The conversations are much different, much less conclusive then they would normally be at this time. You have to have two plans. You don't even know long range what the rules are going to be. When you sit down and figure out if you should extend somebody, OK, how is this contract going to be treated 12 months from now? We have no idea."

Jackson's deal runs through the 2011 season. Banner said that it will be discussed internally whether "there's anybody whose got more than one year left that deserves to be a part of that (contract negotiating) conversation."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 4:05 p.m., January 29

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