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As Eldest RB, McCoy Now Leading

LeSean McCoy, a 24-year-old entering his fourth season in the NFL, is the elder statesman of the team's running back group. Undrafted rookie Chris Polk is 22, while second-year man Dion Lewis and rookie Bryce Brown are both 21. Has being the veteran at his position changed McCoy's outlook as a teammate?

"I think so," McCoy said Saturday. "I'm just trying to help them out and lead them in the right direction, try to show them all the positive things, being a role model and an example to those guys.

"It is a little weird being in the meeting room and talking with the guys being the oldest guy in the room. It's a little different, but it's a good thing I think. We're all young and we all can relate to the same things on and off the field. It's what makes the running back room unique."

On the field, McCoy has been impressed with the play of his three understudies. He praised the rookies' advanced grasp of the offense, but singled out Lewis when asked to name a player who will stand out during the preseason games.

"I think on offense it would probably be Dion Lewis," McCoy said. "A lot of people don't know how good he really is except the guys here. He's jumped out. He's had an amazing camp so far and I think he'll be the first guy to really show everybody what he can do."

On the other side of the ball, McCoy said he's been impressed by the Eagles' run defense thus far in camp.

"They're a lot better against the run," McCoy said. "They're doing pretty well. But you've got two good offenses, first team, second team, third team. It's tough. We're all playing well together, battling, competing."

Being surrounded by rookies does have McCoy thinking back to his first season, when he came in as a second-round pick, charged with backing up Brian Westbrook. After the trade earlier this week that sent Moise Fokou to the Indianapolis Colts, McCoy and Jeremy Maclin are the only two players from the Eagles' 2009 draft class remaining on the roster.

"Oh yeah," said McCoy, "it was us three at first, we were always talking about it, we were the last three in the group. We just have to keep pushing. Hopefully me and Maclin will stick around for a little bit longer."

That's a pretty safe bet.

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