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April: Punter Job Rocca's To Lose

Special teams coordinator Bobby April said on Sunday that Sav Rocca has had a "tremendous" camp and remains the leader over Ken Parrish for the punter job.

"I think Ken got the baton and when he got it he was trailing. He's still trailing and we're coming into the stretch," April said. "He's still got a chance at the wire."

Rocca, who has set the single-season franchise mark in each of the past two seasons, is at the point where even his inconsistent punts are "still very good punts," April said.

The biggest adjustment April has made in training camp is how he has the punters working in game situations instead of just punting on the field. April ties goals to each and every punt in practice.

"He's not on the driving range hitting balls," April said. "He has to know how to play from 40 yards out, from 60 yards out. He's got to know how to play backed up."

It is unknown whether Parrish will get to punt in a live game situation, more specifically the preseason opener on Friday against Jacksonville. But there's another avenue where Parrish can make the team - as a kickoff specialist.

April said that Parrish's kickoff ability was taken under consideration when the Eagles re-signed Parrish in the offseason. Parrish does help ease the wear and tear on David Akers' leg in practice since April much prefers live kickoffs vs. a JUGS machine. But April said that the idea of making Parrish a kickoff specialist is still under consideration.

"He's opened some eyes with his ability," April said. "It will be a tough decision (whether) to let him go."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 12:35 p.m., August 8*

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