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April Dons Ref Uniform For Practice

The Eagles' special teams practice took on a different look this afternoon as special teams coordinator Bobby April ran the session dressed in a black and white striped referee's uniform. While the outfit elicited some fun reactions from the players - linebacker Omar Gaither told April to "Go back to Foot Locker" - April said that it served a purpose.

"It's just to try to get (the players') attention and maybe put them in a little bit more game-like situation where I'll spot the ball, I'll hand it to them on a kickoff," April said. "Then they ask me what the (play call) is because they're used to me being on the field, making the call. It happened about six or seven times. 'What's the call?' I don't know, you have to get that from the sideline. So they're in the habit of me giving them the call and (I don't do that) with the referee jersey on. And, it's got a little more (meaning with the shirt on). I'm a referee, can't you tell. Maybe it's corny, I don't know, but I think it helps."

April added that he's anxious for Friday's preseason opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars so he can get a real look at some of the bubble players who have a chance to impress on special teams. He added that Chad Hall and Quintin Demps will likely see kickoff return reps and Hall will also get reps as a punt returner.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 5:09 p.m., August 10

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