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A.J. Brown: 'Me and Jalen are trying to be great'

A.J. Brown
A.J. Brown

Wide receiver A.J. Brown opened up to the assembled reporters around his locker on Thursday at the NovaCare Complex and addressed the issue of his sideline moment with quarterback Jalen Hurts one week earlier during the team's win over Minnesota.

It was nothing then, Brown said, and it's nothing now.

"I want to address what happened on Thursday," Brown said, preempting questions from the media. "After I address it, I just want to focus on Monday night because that's the only thing important. So, on Thursday in a sideline discussion – and I want you all to know that that's what it was, a discussion – this is a game that we both love and I want everybody to understand that sometimes emotions run high. And that's kind of what happened, too. That doesn't mean it's the end of the world, that doesn't mean I'm beefing with Jalen.

"Also, I want you to know, it was not about targets. I'm sure everybody thought that because he threw me the ball three plays in a row afterwards but no, we were not over there discussing targets. It was something that happened earlier and we were having a discussion about it. I know that everybody took that out of context, but it's not a big deal. Me and him are still on the same page, still growing, still trying to become great and get wins, most importantly.

"The reason why I left after the game (and did not speak with the media) is because my emotions were high and I had to remove myself. I know you all want a story and I know you are all doing your job and I don't hold anything against any of you for it, I just had to clear my mind.

"Winning is the bottom line, the only thing that matters," said Brown, "and we're 2-0. That's the positive. We're still moving forward. We're still growing. We're a work in progress, and that's OK."

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