Philadelphia Eagles

Feeding the Birds: Episode 7 - Sandwiches

Some at the NovaCare Complex might argue that the sandwich is the true winner of the lunchtime rush. It's hyper-customizable and you can run out the door with it. Of course, this being the Eagles, it's not just a ham on wheat, oh no, it's whatever your stomach desires.

And the sandwiches all come with nicknames – there's the Wolfpack and the J-Matt. Each player and staff member have a special spin on a sandwich and the kitchen team is there to accommodate the request.

If Dave Spadaro wants his ham and cheese warm, but his bun untoasted – it can be done. If a player wants a burger piled with fries and cheese on his cheat day - order up - with no judgements!

Plus, Chef Tim was tasked with creating a sandwich to represent a few Eagles players, so if you are wondering, what a sandwich version of Carson Wentz might be, listen to this to get your answer!