Philadelphia Eagles

Feeding the Birds: Episode 5 - Pizza

Pizza! We could probably just stop the description of this episode right here, but, of course, there is an Eagles' spin on this team favorite.

Tucked in the corner of the kitchen is a gas-powered pizza oven. It can handle five to six pies at a time. The toppings run the gamut from your traditional items, pepperoni and sausage to more gourmet, black truffle and runny egg. That's the go-to combo of Jeffrey Lurie.

This pizza oven has quite the origin story. It even involves a member of the kitchen team being sent on a grand pizza field trip to learn his pie-making technique from a master all the way in… Brooklyn.

It was so popular that the nutrition team had to step in and slow the team's pizza intake. It was a sad day at the NovaCare Complex Cafeteria, but pizza ovens can be used for cooking all sorts of tasty dishes.

Check it out!