Philadelphia Eagles

Feeding the Birds: Episode 3 - Lunch with the Eagles

What happens when you have a Philadelphia Eagle plan the lunch menu?

Amazing things! The Player Spotlight Meal showcases the foods and food culture of the team. The meals open a small window into who these men are when they are not suited up on the field. These Wednesday lunches are a highlight meal of the week.

What do Sun Tzu and Chef Tim Lopez have in common? They are both all about getting into the mindset of your opponent. Chef Tim does this through serving up popular dishes from the cities where the Eagles are playing that week. If you eat Cincinnati's skyline chili, the week you play the Bengals, chances are you are going to beat them!

And when your body is a temple and you need it to perform at the NFL level - do you ever get a cheat day when it comes to your diet?

Check it out!