Philadelphia Eagles

Feeding the Birds: Episode 2 - Breakfast with the Eagles

Breakfast for some is arguably the most important meal of the day. In the NovaCare Complex Cafeteria the breakfast spread can leave those who are not accustomed to it - speechless.

If you are visiting you may run into Harold Carmichael who loves to come in for some slow-cooked grits and eggs. After other players saw what Harold was eating, they gave those creamy grits a try, perhaps this breakfast staple is a key to the Hall of Fame.

Brandon Graham loves a breakfast steak, but that's too heavy for Coach Josh Hingst. He gravitates towards a less beefy start to his day. But what's his go to meal?

Get ready to hear about crispy boys and Dave Spadaro's favorite breakfast. And if grits and steak aren't for you, Chef Tim shares what else might tempt you for a sweet start to your day.

Check it out!