Philadelphia Eagles

Ask Chef Tim: Recreating football favorites at home

Welcome to the pre-season of Feeding the Birds presented by Amoroso's. With the NovaCare complex closed, Chef Tim Lopez has some time on his hands. So he's answering cooking-at-home questions from your favorite Eagles players, coaches and other familiar voices while providing us all with a dash or two of cooking inspiration. 

Today, Ross Tucker, Eagles preseason analyst, is missing some of his press box favorites - especially pulled barbeque chicken. Chef Tim takes you through the steps of a try-at-home recipe that can be incorporated into sandwiches, salads, wraps - or Ross' go-to - a sandwich constructed with a pretzel roll.

Fran Duffy has his hands full - literally! Working from home for him means preparing lunch while looking after his 10-month old. Chef Tim suggests a chicken BLT, but then evelates it. The beauty of the sandwich - the combinations are endless. Plus, they are portable so they are a multi-tasking father's best friend

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