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Youth Team Enjoys Holiday Shopping Spree


On Community Monday, Trey Burton and JaCorey Shepherd teamed up with Sports Authority to help the Hamilton Revolution pick out new football equipment ...

The Hamilton Revolution youth football team had an experience it won't soon forget on Monday night. Not only were the players able to shop for new equipment free of charge thanks to Sports Authority, but they were able to do so with professional help as tight end Trey Burton and cornerback JaCorey Shepherd were there to answer any and all of their questions.

Upon arrival, the team was split into two groups. Half of the kids took off shopping with Burton and the other half wandered the store with Shepherd. The young players had the chance to ask for tips about the game and type of gear they should use.

"We're going around trying to find things for these kids to buy," Burton said. "Sports Authority gave them $125 gift cards and they're just going around getting shoes, any type of equipment they might need for the rest of the season.

"It's been cool. They've got all this money and they don't want to spend it. It's been a little tough, kind of a challenge to go buy stuff but they've been buying shoes. A lot of them bought some Eagles jerseys, ankle braces ... You name it. They bought it."

After a few minutes, the team warmed up and was more willing to use their gift cards in full. They tried on pads, grabbed new footballs and checked out the different gloves available. By the end of the spree, every player had all the necessities to finish out the season in a strong, safe manner.

"I think it's cool, especially with the timing and the holidays, that they're able to go out there and get whatever they want for themselves and the rest of their season," Burton said. "Sports Authority has done a great job of giving these kids money to be able to go out there and fulfill their needs. They set this thing up really nice."

Although the team was thrilled to have new gear, it was even more ecstatic to have the opportunity to spend the night with Burton and Shepherd. Both Eagles would have loved this experience growing up and were glad they could give back to the community in this small way.

"This is something that I couldn't have even dreamed of as a little kid," Burton said. "I definitely would have had a blast. I would have been picking the guy's brain."

The Community Monday event was part of the Eagles' efforts to support the youth football movement throughout the Delaware Valley. Now, with the help of Sports Authority and both players, the Hamilton Revolution will be set for the rest of the season and these kids will have the experience to remember for the rest of their lives.

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