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WR Jacoby Ford Scouting Report

WR Jacoby Ford, Clemson
Pos. Rank: 11 Grade: 3rd Round Height: 5-9 Weight: 186 40: 4.45 Year: 4-Sr.

The Good: Small yet explosive pass catcher who can score from any point on the field. Immediately gets to top speed, shows a burst, and can turn it on in a single step. Has defenders playing back on their heels, makes the difficult over-the-shoulder reception, and consistently catches the ball with his hands. Comes back to the ball out of breaks, makes himself an available target, and immediately transitions from making the catch running after the reception. Nicely adjusts to the errant throw and looks the pass into his hands. Displays both quickness and speed in his entire game. Lays out and plays a physical game for smaller receiver.

The Bad: Struggles in battles and really needs a clear area to work in. Easily brought down
at the point of attack by a single defender.

The Verdict: Lacking the size to be a first or second wide out, Ford offers potential as a slot receiver and return specialist. He's a super-fast prospect with an upside and should only get better as a physically matures.

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