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WR Jackson Heads List Of Top 10 Prospects

Chris Steuber, who can be found on this site frequently around draft time, penned an intriguing piece for Steuber is analyzing the top 10 prospects for every team in the NFL. Prospects are usually discussed in baseball where teams have players honing their skills in the minor leagues before they move up to the big time.

You can't really hide a promising project like that in the NFL. If you think that a player has a chance to play, whether it's now or in a year or two, you have to keep them on the active roster. What exactly is Steuber's definition of an NFL prospect? Players who are either entering their third year in the league or who are under 25 years old.

Steuber ranked the Eagles' top prospects and on the list are six offensive players and four defensive players. There are two wide receivers, two tight ends, a quarterback and a running back on offense. On defense, Steuber has a middle linebacker, a defensive end, a defensive tackle and a safety.

I'm sure you can guess by this point who the players are, but here's the top 10 list with some of his notes about each player. If you are in the mood for putting things in order, check out our Pecking Order feature where you can rank the most difficult players to replace on the Eagles. If you want to tell Steuber what you think of the list, drop him a message here on the Eagles Message Boards.

1. WR DeSean Jackson - "With Jackson gaining more and more confidence each time he's on the field and his father's memory entrenched in his mind, the rest of the league is about to witness something special."

2. LB Stewart Bradley - "Judging from what he's displayed on the field so far in his young career, Bradley's ready to become a perennial All Pro."

3. QB Kevin Kolb - "Kolb is still a top prospect in the organization and should be considered that, because in reality he's one injury away from being a full time starter."

4. WR Jeremy Maclin - "The Eagles offense has plenty of weapons for McNabb to choose from, and having Maclin paired with Jackson makes for quite an interesting tandem that will be dynamic for years to come."

5. TE Brent Celek - "The Eagles will finally have a tight end that can compete with Jason Witten and Chris Cooley in the NFC East."

6. RB LeSean McCoy - "A perfect fit for the West Coast offense who brings a complete game to the field, McCoy is an outstanding receiver out of the backfield and possesses great vision and cutback ability as a runner. He's the heir apparent to Brian Westbrook"

7. DE Victor Abiamiri – See below.

8. DT Trevor Laws – See below.

9. TE Cornelius Ingram - "When healthy, he's a dangerous receiving threat with great upside as a blocker. If all goes well in training camp, look for Ingram to be Celek's backup this season."

10. FS Quintin Demps - (On Abiamiri, Laws and Demps) "All three players are expected to be major contributors this season, but Demps is the only one currently listed as a starter and finds himself as (Brian) Dawkins' replacement at free safety."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 4:05 p.m., July 14

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