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WR Carlton Mitchell Scouting Report

WR Carlton Mitchell, South Florida
Pos. Rank: 8 Grade: 2nd-3rd Round Height: 6-3 Weight: 215 40: 4.46 Year: 4-Jr.

The Good: Tall, fluid receiver with nice size. Quickly releases off the line, immediately gets to top speed, and will expose himself in a crowd to make the reception. Effectively adjusts to the errant throw, looking the pass into his hands and making the reception in stride. Somewhat effective running after the catch. Displays soft and strong hands which extends from his frame, then pulls the pass from the air.

The Bad: More of a loping runner and really does not possess a burst. Cannot run to the deep throw and more of an underneath receiver.

The Verdict: Mitchell decided to opt for the NFL after a solid junior campaign and is a well-sized receiver with a good degree of upside. He offers potential as a red zone/third-down target at the next level yet needs a lot of work to complete his game.

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