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Witness RB Murray's Not Top 10 Moment


Last season, preparing for the Eagles/Cowboys game was a completely different task for DeMarco Murray. While he used to worry about getting by a Philadelphia defense, the shoe is now on the other foot. He's planning ways to break through Dallas' line.

Despite going up against his old teammates, and the organization he called home for the first four seasons of his career, the running back is approaching this game like any other. He's now an Eagle, through and through. His time as a Cowboy is a thing of the past.

"This is just another opponent. I'm not looking at the guys. I'm not looking at the coaches," Murray said. "This is another opponent we're facing and it's a huge challenge and I'm excited for the opportunity to go out and play this Sunday in front of our fans."

When asked about Murray's mindset headed into the home opener, head coach Chip Kelly also asserted that he's not concerned about the running back as the Dallas game approaches. Why? Because Murray is worried about the present. As of March, his sole focus has been on the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles were back on the practice field preparing for their home opener against Dallas. View the full gallery here...

"I think DeMarco is a very grounded individual. He's pretty consistent in his approach every day that he's here," Kelly said. "He's not an up and down guy. Sometimes I think it just depends on the individual, but he's been fine. We'll monitor him just like we monitor all our players this week, but I haven't seen any change in him because it's Dallas week and he played for Dallas."

To further make the point that he has moved on from his days of donning a star, Murray even explained his level of communication, or lack thereof, with former teammates.

"None. I have a couple good friends that have always been great friends of mine, but at this point," Murray started. The running back, however, never finished, as the Eagles' press conference backdrop began to topple over on top of him.

It was stopped in the nick of time, and Murray jokingly added, "That's going to be on Not Top 10, huh?" referring to the ESPN SportsCenter feature before getting back to business.

The fact that Murray once suited up in blue and white will not stop him from heading out onto the field of Lincoln Financial Field to help the Eagles' offense prove they can play. The Eagles are focused on improving from Monday night's performance and have looked at film, learned from their mistakes and made corrections.

Come Sunday, regardless of where he played in the past, Murray will be ready to compete. Football is his job, and in order to succeed, the running back is focused solely on helping his team to victory.

When the game ends, Murray wants to see Philadelphia come out on top.

"Like I said, this is a true business, and I'm very, so to speak, emotionless when it comes to a lot of things, especially the business side. I understand the business aspect of the NFL. It's all about just finding guys who are right for your system," Murray said.

"This is the best place for me. This is where I want to be, and this is the team that wanted me. I'm not worried about those guys. They're a great group of guys, great organization. I have a lot of respect for them, but I moved on a long time ago. I'm happy to be here."

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