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With Ingram Hurt, Celek Continues To Seek Consistency

Brent Celek showed flashes of brilliance in his second season with the Eagles in 2008. He finished the regular season with 27 catches for 318 yards and a touchdown. But there were two amazing games that stood out. First, Celek's six-catch, 131-yard performance in Seattle during the regular season. Then, of course, came the 10-catch, 83-yard, two-touchdown performance against the Cardinals in the NFC Championship game.

Must be something about playing on the West Coast.

But Celek spent nearly every day of the off-season at the NovaCare Complex with two things in mind to improve upon - consistency and his blocking. The work has paid off. Celek entered training camp entrenched as the starter for the first time in his career this year and has looked so good that it's almost boring. There have been very few dramatic shifts in his play. His route running is smooth. His hands have been sticky and he's shown good effort and a sincere improvement in his blocking.

The heat on Celek turned up just a little bit on Saturday afternoon as we learned that Cornelius Ingram suffered a torn ACL. Celek discussed today just how important it is that he attains that consistency that he was looking for.

"I think that's my biggest thing in trying to stay consistent," Celek said. "I think that's very important, especially for a quarterback. If you're consistent, he knows where you're going to be all the time. He can depend on you and that'll increase your productivity and the way you help the team."

Celek certainly has had the practice time during training camp. With Ingram and Matt Schobel sidelined, it's been just him and Eugene Bright taking all the tight end reps.

"It's been exhausting the past few days, but I still have a lot of improvements to make," Celek said. "That's why we have training camp and that's why I'm here every day working. It's coming along, but I still have to get better."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 4:18 p.m., August 8

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