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A Winning Wedding: Brooke and Rob Rittner tie the knot at an Eagles tailgate 

Congrats to the Rittners!
Congrats to the Rittners!

Beef sticks flew through the air as Brooke and Rob Rittner walked down the makeshift aisle in the Jetro parking lot as the two high school friends tied the knot.

Yes, you read that right.

Two die-hard Eagles fans got married at their tailgate party before Sunday's game against the Cowboys.

"If we ever get married, we have to do it at an Eagles tailgate," Brooke said.

The pair met in South Jersey when Brooke was at Haddonfield High School and Rob was at Audubon High School. The two went their separate ways but reconnected at the end of 2017 during the Eagles' run to their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history.

Rob surprised Brooke with a football cake and flowers on her 40th birthday at an Eagles tailgate – the day of the NFC Championship Game win over the Vikings. That was when Brooke knew that if they ever got married, it would have to be during a tailgate.

When Rob proposed in August, the plan was clear.

A bonus for the two New Jersey natives was that they chose to say "I do" on Jason Kelce's birthday.

"Jason Kelce and the Eagles represent everything good in our lives and share our moral fiber," Brooke said.

Along with celebrating the union of the two, the crowd of 30-plus friends and family members commemorated Jason's 36th birthday as well.

Brooke and Rob arrived in their RV with a sign that read, "Happy Birthday Jason Kelce! Happy Wedding Day, Brooke and Rob! Rittner's Tailgate Wedding. 11.05.23."

Naturally, Jason's birthday was the top priority for Brooke and Rob, even on their wedding day.

Brooke said, "Hell yeah!"
Brooke said, "Hell yeah!"

The wedding party had a ramp to themselves in the back of the Jetro lot, which connects with the N lot.

Cocktail tables with green flowers lined the ramp with a tent for watching the game and a tent full of catered food acting as the bookends for the tailgate space.

This was your typical Eagles tailgate wedding, if there is such a thing.

Rob wore a white Fletcher Cox jersey with green shorts and an Eagles visor.

"Fletcher Cox was my second jersey," Rob said. "He has been here for a long time and is a great player. I just think he is awesome."

Brooke had on a beautiful wedding dress with a green and white veil and a white Jason Kelce jersey draped over the back like a cape.

Even Matt DeMarco, who officiated the wedding, sported a Kelly Green Brian Dawkins jersey.

Brooke brought out her creative side with her wedding invitations and itinerary.

She created game tickets as invitations and used football terms to outline the timeline for their wedding day.

Huddle was when everyone would meet in the parking lot. Kickoff was when the ceremony began. Touchdown was the first kiss. Postgame show was the after-party.

The tailgate wedding event of the year!
The tailgate wedding event of the year!

As the ceremony kicked off, Brooke's 8-year-old daughter, Jovita, was the flower girl. Instead of throwing flowers while walking down the aisle, she threw beef sticks.

During the wedding vows, when asked if he would take Brooke to be his wife, Rob responded with, "Absolutely!"

When asked if she would take Rob to be her husband, Brooke screamed, "Hell yeah!"

During the first kiss, or touchdown as the Rittners called it, the guests started an Eagles chant, which was followed by the Eagles Fight Song as Brooke and Rob hit the makeshift dance floor.

The two then participated in their first dance.

The song – "Sweet Caroline."

An Eagles win over the rival Cowboys was a perfect way to end the Rittners' big day! – Written by Owen Boyle

The newlyweds celebrate their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Rittner.
The newlyweds celebrate their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Rittner.

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