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What Will Be Sherm Lewis' Impact?

The Redskins average just 13.2 points per game. In three home games this season, the Redskins have scored a touchdown on offense in just one of 12 quarters.

In their last game against the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that was last in defense and surrendered over 400 yards of offense per game, the Redskins scored just two field goals. Quarterback Jason Campbell was benched at halftime of the loss. Head coach Jim Zorn was relieved of playcalling duties following the game.

"I think management's patience was strained almost to the breaking point with the performance against the Kansas City Chiefs," said Larry Weisman of "In the early part of the season, they moved the ball in-between the 20s and kind of croaked in the red zone. Now, they're not moving at all. There's a lot of pressure and a lot of dissatisfied people. There's two things that go on in Washington - politics and the Redskins. Right now, the Redskins are bigger than politics."

Recently hired offensive consultant Sherm Lewis will relay the play calls to offensive coordinator Sherm Smith on the sideline who will send the play in to Campbell on Monday night against the Eagles. Lewis was raised in the West Coast system, but the question is whether he will take advantage of Campbell's arm and athletic ability.

"I've seen a difference this week in practice with the routes and the way things are getting run and the crispness and overall enthusiasm," Weisman said.

The Redskins' two wins are against the St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers - two teams that are still winless in 2009. The two wins came by a combined five points. And this is with the league's fifth-best defense.

Immediately after the game, Zorn said that he was undecided on whether he would start Campbell or Todd Collins against the Eagles. Campbell was given the nod and Weisman agreed with the decision.

"The situation here is that if you decided to stay with Todd Collins and that didn't succeed, you'd have really crippled Jason Campbell's confidence and hopes of being able to lead the team," Weisman said. "Jason's the leader of that offense and he needs to be on the field."

Under the bright lights of Monday Night Football, we'll see how this situation plays out.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 10:24 a.m., October 26

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