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What Is Culture's Role In Roster Moves?


Former Eagles scout-turned-NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah hosted best-selling author and business consultant Jon Gordon on the most recent episode of his Move the Sticks podcast to discuss the role of culture in building sports teams.

Gordon has worked in the sports world as a consultant to pro and college teams showcasing how his management and leadership principles apply not only to the business world, but sports as well.

Jeremiah brought up the following quote from head coach Chip Kelly that was captured on the sidelines prior to last season's Black Sunday win over the Giants.

"Culture wins football," Kelly said. "Culture will beat scheme every day."

Jeremiah asked Gordon how much a role culture played in some of the Eagles' roster moves over the past two offseasons.

"When I see that from the outside, I get the sense that this coach wants to build his culture and maybe their influences are too strong," Gordon said. "The longer you allow someone from an old culture to contaminate the new culture that you're trying to build, the longer it takes to turn things around. You have to make sure you're getting those energy vampires off the bus. Maybe these guys were contaminating the culture that he was trying to create. Maybe they weren't all in. I'm not sure, but maybe that's why."

Jeremiah also shared some of his experiences in Philadelphia working with former head coach Andy Reid.

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