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Westbrook Ready For Season Ahead

Brian Westbrook, who returned to practice earlier this week, spoke to the media for the first time since training camp started. He discussed how it felt to get back in action, how far he is from game-ready, and his thoughts on some of the other players in the Eagles backfield.

"Things are going well," Westbrook said about his rehab from a June surgery to clean up bone spurs in his right ankle. "There's been a gradual process, but it's been pretty good.

"I haven't had many setbacks and I'm just excited to be back out there with the team."

Westbrook said he wasn't frustrated by the rehab, he just recognized that it's part of being a professional football player.

"I know that when you have injuries," he said, "When you have pains, you have to get it taken care of.

"I still want to continue working on my cuts; I still want to continue working on my balance, things like that. It's coming along. It's one of those things where's it's a work in progress. I'm excited about being back though."

Westbrook then said that although he would like to get some game action during the preseason, the important thing is making sure he's 100% for the season opener against the Carolina Panthers.

"We usually have a pretty good pace at practice," he said, "So I wouldn't mind getting in a game a little bit, but I don't think that not having any preseason games would hurt me as far as the regular season.

One thing that will hopefully allow Westbrook to be healthier this year is the addition of rookie LeSean McCoy. McCoy will be able to spell Westbrook in some situations, keeping Westbrook fresher.

"I'm glad they brought LeSean in," Westbrook said. "I think he's going to be a very good player.

"He has to learn some things. He continues to get better every single day. He continues to learn more every single day. Hopefully he'll go out there and be very productive for us this year as well."

Westbrook has also been impressed by the production of Eldra Buckley.

"I think (Buckley)'s done a lot of stuff that Coach (Reid) has asked him to do," Westbrook said. "He's very physical. He runs hard. He's pretty good in pass protection as well.

I think the biggest thing is that he's made some plays on special teams, which allows the coaches to take a better look at him."

Even though the Eagles offense is now stocked with talented players like McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Donovan McNabb, and the newly acquired Michael Vick, Westbrook is still the guy who will make this offense run.

"My plan is to go out there," Westbrook said, "Help this team get the playoffs, win some playoff games, and get to the Super Bowl. That's our goal, that's my goal as well, so I'm going to do everything I can to get back to that level of play."

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