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Wentz: There's No Quit In This Team

Quarterback Carson Wentz declared that the Eagles are "on a skid," after falling to the Bengals 32-14 on Sunday in Cincinnati.

"We didn't plan for it," Wentz said. "Obviously we had a hot start, things were looking pretty optimistic, looking positive. That's the nature of this league. You have to come out and play every Sunday but we've struggled."

The Eagles were shut out for the first half of the game and entered halftime trailing 19-0. The Bengals, who were missing key players like wide receiver A.J. Green, still managed to pull ahead. Entering the second half with a significant deficit, the Eagles relied heavily on the pass game.

"As a team we didn't play well and they came out and beat us. We got down early and that didn't help our cause out early in the game. We dug ourselves a hole and it was hard to come out of," Wentz said. "I think the fact that we were down coming out in the second half, we were kind of in a pass-first mode there for sure. Hard to say. Early on we started slow, especially in the run game, and didn't get things going. Hard to say for sure, but definitely in the second half we were airing it out."

Wentz finished with a career high of 60 pass attempts, with 36 being completed for 308 yards, one touchdown against three interceptions for a 58.2 passer rating. Wentz's top target this season, Jordan Matthews, was out with an ankle injury. Fellow rookie wide receiver Paul Turner, who was recently called up from the practice squad, led the Eagles with six receptions for 80 yards.

"Going back to the offseason this spring, throughout the summer, being around Paul and I had a good connection with him. He's a good player," Wentz explained.

This is the Eagles' sixth road loss of the season and their third consecutive loss overall. With four regular season games left to play, the Eagles must find a way to keep their head up and push through.

"You have to stay optimistic. I know obviously the results are tough as of late, we're kind of on a skid, but like I've been saying, this is a good group of guys, a good locker room. Guys are in it until the end. We don't make plays. We make a lot of mistakes. I think we have to clean up some of our discipline. I think we lack on that at times, but there's no quitting and you just have to stay positive," Wentz concluded.

The Eagles fell to the Bengals 32-14 in Cincinnati.

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