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Wentz Fights Back After Early INTs

Quarterback Carson Wentz and the Eagles fell to the Giants, 28-23, despite a rally from behind after the Giants jumped ahead to a 14-0 lead, after two Carson Wentz interceptions in the first quarter.

"I'll have to go back and watch the tape, but I thought the reads were fine, the decisions were fine and I just air mailed them. The football sailed on me on both of them," Wentz said.

"It's tough. Any time the offense, basically myself in particular, as a team, we handed them 14 points and that's tough. It was a long game. I thought, we as an offense, we bounced back and did some good things. We just didn't come away with it."

Wentz and the Eagles' offense began to rally from behind closing the score to 21-10 at the half. At 12:26 in the third quarter, running back Kenjon Barner made his way into the end zone, bringing the score to 21-17. The Giants responded quickly with a Sterling Shepard touchdown to further extend their lead, and were able to hold the Eagles to only two Sturgis field goals and secure the 28-23 win.

The Eagles were only 2-of-6 in the red zone, which included a pair of missed fourth-down conversions to turn the ball over on downs. Philadelphia went for it on fourth down four times, with a 25-yard reception to wide receiver Jordan Matthews in the fourth quarter being the lone successful conversion. It's an approach that Wentz embraces.

"In the middle of the games, as an offense you're excited. It shows the coach believes in you. Obviously, we didn't get a couple of them and that's frustrating. That's just kind of Coach (Doug) Pederson's style. He's going to play aggressive, he's going to be aggressive and we just have to execute those," Wentz explained.

In each of the previous three losses, the Eagles had the ball late with a chance to tie or win the game. Today was no different. The final play for the Eagles was a touchdown attempt from Wentz to wide receiver Jordan Matthews, but they were unable to connect.

"We just didn't finish. And it was tough throughout the whole game. We struggled finishing in the red zone and that's something we got to go back and we have to be sharp on our details. That's one thing we all have to emphasize and we just have to finish in the red zone," Wentz claimed.

Wentz said the ball should have been "a little more inside" on the final fourth-down attempt to Matthews. "I didn't want to fade him too much like that. That's red zone football. You have to be precise down there and we just missed that one."

With having the game come down the wire for the fourth time this season, Wentz and the Eagles still hold on to their confidence when entering those situations.

"No doubt. We never lose our confidence. We never lose our composure. Every guy in there. That's the mindset we all have and I haven't seen that waiver yet. It's just one of those things we haven't gotten it done. You guys can call it what you want but we just have to find a way to finish these ball games," said Wentz.

The Eagles now stand at 4-4 at the midway point of the season. The Eagles will prepare to host the Atlanta Falcons, looking for a chance at redemption.

"We fully believe we're a good football team. We fully know all four of these losses we have a chance to win and most of them we kind of hurt ourselves. Today was the two interceptions early ... we just kind of keep kicking ourselves in the tail early on. We know we're a good football team and we're going to bounce back," Wentz shared.

The Eagles fell to the New York Giants on the road at MetLife Stadium, 28-23.

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