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Wednesday Morning Headlines

It's another great day to be an Eagles fan. The weather is a little bit warmer today, a sign that the 2014 season is just around the corner. The offseason continues to heat up, so be sure to be up to date with the latest Eagles headlines ...

In 2013, Brent Celek had another strong season despite questions about how he would fit into Chip Kelly's offense. As he looks to improve on this past season, Celek shared the details of his offseason training regimen with the Wall Street Journal.

During the season, Celek pushes his body as hard as he can. Playing tight end, Celek faces a variety of different defenders, blocking linemen weighing over 300 pounds and trying to outrun safeties that test his speed and athleticism. In the offseason, Celek explaines that he takes time to relax and allow his body to recover, while maintaining his healthy eating habbits.

In this article, fans can learn all about Celek's offseason workout plan. From details about what he eats for lunch to what music he listens to during his workouts, this is surely a fascinating read for all Eagles fans.

Mike Mayock spoke about where the Eagles might go in what he calls "the deepest and best draft class" in recent memory.

Our Offseason Countdown looks at the man who snapped the first ball of Donovan McNabb's NFL career.

In the latest Player Postcard, we learn that Brad Smith stays fashionable even in the offseason.

SWOOP soared past the competition at the Mascot Games.

Spadaro: The NFL Scouting Combine is an extremely important piece of the NFL Draft puzzle.

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Midde linebacker was a position of strength for the Eagles in 2013. How will the middle linebackers look heading into next season?

Is this draft prospect the right fit for the Eagles?

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