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Weaver On Westbrook, McNabb

Eagles fullback Leonard Weaver appeared on SIRIUS NFL Radio with Jim Miller and Rich Gannon today to discuss the departure of running back Brian Westbrook.

"It's definitely a little heartbreaking in a sense for me because Brian was a big reason why I came to Philadelphia, him and Donovan (McNabb)," Weaver said. "So I'm a little sad to see him go and depart from the Eagles but you know what? One thing that me and Brian talked about, it's a business. It's the nature of the beast and unfortunately it had to go that way but it did and we've got to move on."

"I haven't seen a back in this league in a long time do what Brian Westbrook does. Not even Reggie Bush can do what Westbrook does. Westbrook runs between the tackles, he runs up the gut, you can put him at slot receiver, he can run routes like a receiver, you can run the screen game with him, he pass-blocks to perfection. He's the (atypical) back that you would just love to have in your offense because he does everything to a T ... It shows that he put the work in in order to be as good as he is."

Weaver said that Westbrook's work ethic, in addition to his natural talents, are what made him so special and so versatile.

"The way Brian approached things, not only professionally but is thinking and the mental aspect of everything, and how he really carried himself," Weaver said. "He was quiet but he was a guy of great action. He was always in the film room, always working out. He was always getting that extra lift in and getting that extra film time in. Those are the types of things you can't teach."

Of course, Weaver also couldn't give an interview without being asked about the Eagles quarterback situation. Weaver had nothing but positive things to say about the leadership of McNabb, his roommate during last year's training camp.

"He's been a great leader in and out," Weaver said. "Tremendous leader. He took me under his arm when I first signed with (the Eagles). He took me out to Arizona, showed me how things go and basically incorporated me and just taught me a lot of things in terms of what to expect and how this is going to go. You don't find too many guys who are veterans that are going to do that. And then not only that, him taking the step with Andy Reid to go get Michael Vick, who is another competitor at the same position who could be just as good or even better than Donovan at some point in time. That just speaks volumes about how confident (McNabb) is in what he can do and his ability and his leadership skills. Donovan's a good leader all by himself."

Still, Weaver said that he understands the focus on the quarterback position because of the glut of talent.

"Obviously, if Donovan doesn't come back I'm pretty sure that they'd probably go with Kevin Kolb, especially if Mike (Vick) doesn't come back," he said. "But at the same time, Mike can be a starting quarterback, obviously, in this league and I think that would be an option that they would probably be willing to explore as well."

Weaver is set to become a restricted free agent on March 5 in the likely event that there is no new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 5:29 p.m., February 24

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