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Vick: Ultimate Goal Is Helping This Team Win

Quarterback Michael Vick will take all of the snaps in practice on Wednesday with Kevin Kolb sidelined due to a concussion. If Kolb is unable to play Sunday in Detroit, Vick will make his first start at quarterback since New Year's Eve in 2006 ... against the Eagles.

"If I'm the guy then I'm going to get ready to try to put this team in position to win and that's the ultimate goal," Vick said. "I don't really go out and try to prove to anybody that I can still play this game. The primary focus is to put this team in a position to win whenever I'm on the field. You can't go out and try to prove yourself because that's adding pressure to this game and it's already hard as it is.

"I just have to make the most out of the opportunity and try to help this football team win until Kevin comes back and he's healthy."

In relief of Kolb last Sunday against the Packers, Vick was 16-of-24 for 175 yards and a touchdown with an additional 103 yards on the ground. It was Vick's NFL record (for quarterbacks) 10th career 100-yard rushing game. The Eagles nearly rallied from a 17-point fourth quarter deficit. He accounted for 83.2 percent of the team's offense.

Vick impressed his teammates with his speed as he nearly scored on a beautiful 31-yard scramble. Head coach Andy Reid said that Vick proved he could certainly still be a starting quarterback in this league. In order to do that after two years of incarceration, the Eagles had to change the quarterback that they corralled in the 2004 NFC title game. While he is much improved from last year, his first as an Eagle, Vick knows he's still a "work in progress."

"Since the day I got here, I've been working as hard as I can and as diligently as I can to try to get better," Vick said. "As far as accuracy, I think I've gotten better in that department. I still have a lot of work to do. I still have a tendency sometimes to stand too tall in the pocket and not bend my knees when I throw. It's a work in progress. There are always things to work on. You have to have the attitude and the fortitude to want to get better."

Should Vick get the call to start Sunday he wants to enjoy the moment. Vick recalled just how much fun that he had last Sunday.

"It was gratifying to be able to go out and just have fun playing the game and playing the way I like to play the game and the way the game is dictated," Vick said. "Sometimes, we have a tendency to make the game more serious than it is and put a lot of pressure on ourselves which is normal, which is good because you have to do that in order to bring the best out of yourself."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 1:05 p.m., September 15

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