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Vick's Debut Play-By-Play

Here's a rundown of the six plays Michael Vick was a part of Thursday night against the Jaguars. It was Vick's first NFL game in two years.

1. On the second play of the game, Vick was behind center in shotgun, with Donovan McNabb split out wide. Vick took the snap and rolled left with DeSean Jackson on his outside and LeSean McCoy on the inside. Vick pitched a shovel pass inside to McCoy for a gain of four yards.

2. On the second play of the Eagles' second drive, Vick again took the snap in shotgun with McNabb out wide. Vick faked a handoff to McCoy and tried to run left pass Jaguars defensive end Derrick Harvey, but Harvey caught him for a one-yard gain.

3. Vick lined up in the left slot in his only play not lined up as a quarterback. McNabb handed the ball off to McCoy for a short gain.

4. Vick's most impressive moment of the night was as a true quarterback. Taking the snap from shotgun, with McNabb out of the game, Vick sat comfortably in the pocket, looked down the field, and fired a bullet to Hank Baskett who snatched it out of the air for a 13-yard gain.

5. Vick threw a quick bubble screen right to DeSean Jackson who was well-covered by the Jaguars defense. Jackson was tackled by Sean Considine for no-gain.

6. Vick's final play was almost the same as his first. With McNabb again split wide, Vick took the snap from shotgun and gave a quick shovel pass up the middle to LeSean McCoy for a gain of two yards. DeSean Jackson was again Vick's outside option.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 12:47 a.m., August 28

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