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Vick Rates Highly On Backup QB List's Don Banks annually ranks NFL teams' backup quarterbacks, and this year he has Michael Vick rated as the No. 2 backup quarterback in the league, behind Oakland's Jeff Garcia. Banks considers Vick the Eagles' No. 2 quarterback, despite what the team's current depth chart says.

Anyway, Banks thinks Vick's ability, despite not playing for two seasons, merits the high ranking.

Writes Banks, "After two years away from the game, Vick is such an unknown quantity at this point, and it's difficult to assign his value when he was clearly brought to Philly as more than just a traditional backup. But I can't see the Eagles turning to A.J. Feeley or Kevin Kolb before him if anything happened to Donovan McNabb, and Vick was one of the game's most gifted playmakers not all that long ago. He gets our No. 2 slot based on his potential 'wow' factor alone."

-- Posted by Dave Spadaro, 9:38 a.m., August 22

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