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Vick Leads Entire NFL In Pro Bowl Fan Vote

Well, there's no question how popular quarterback Michael Vick is right now.

The NFL announced the leaders in the Pro Bowl fan vote and the Eagles quarterback is first among all NFL players with 729,838 votes through Dec. 7. Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning is second with 691,146 votes. That's a dramatic shift as Manning led Vick by over 91,000 votes just a little over two weeks ago.

The fan vote is important in determining the Pro Bowl nominations. It accounts for one-third of the total vote along with the coaches' vote and the player vote equally dividing up the other two-thirds. The players and coaches will vote Dec. 22-23 and the Pro Bowl rosters will be announced on Dec. 28.

Of course, Eagles fans would love for the team to be playing in the Super Bowl and not the Pro Bowl. This year's Pro Bowl will be held the week before the Super Bowl. However, the game will be played in Hawaii. Last year, the NFL experimented and played the game at the same site as the Super Bowl (Miami).

Still, you should go to and help the Eagles earn a spot on the NFC Pro Bowl squad. Here is a list of the Eagles who are either in first place at their respective positions or in the top five. Of course, if you vote for Washington's Donovan McNabb that could help the Eagles get a better draft pick next year.

Position Name Rank Votes Behind (Leader)
QB Michael Vick 1 N/A
RB LeSean McCoy 5 365,400 (Peterson, MIN)
WR DeSean Jackson 2 30,041 (White, ATL)
FB Owen Schmitt 4 46,166 (Evans, NO)
OT Jason Peters 3 31,564 (Clifton, GB)
CB Asante Samuel 3 77,757 (Woodson, GB)
SS Quintin Mikell 5 100,772 (Landry, WAS)
FS Nate Allen 3 44,182 (Rolle, NYG)
K David Akers 1 N/A
P Sav Rocca 5 42,554 (Graham, ARI)
KR DeSean Jackson 4 74,903 (Hester, CHI)

It's a crime that Trent Cole, who is tied for seventh in the league overall and first in the NFC among 4-3 defensive ends with 7.0 sacks, is NOT in the top five of the fan vote at his position.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 4:05 p.m., December 8

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