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Vick Impressed By Rookie Foles

Coming in as a third-round pick out of Arizona, rookie quarterback Nick Foles has showcased the confidence and poise that the Eagles were hoping for when they drafted him back in April.

Foles entered Training Camp as the third-string quarterback behind starter Michael Vick and veteran Mike Kafka. After a strong Training Camp, an impressive performance versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, one in which he threw a 70-yard touchdown pass and a 44-yard touchdown pass on consecutive offensive plays and a fracture in Kafka's non-throwing hand, Foles has a chance to work with the second-team offense. Could Foles make his current promotion a permanent one?

"I just go to work every day and try to get better," Foles said. "All that stuff is out of my control. All I can do is prepare myself and be the best quarterback I can be and help make this team better in any way possible. The depth chart and everything, that's out of my control. What I do on the field and in the film room and everything, that's how I can control it."

If it were up to the fans, Foles would already be the backup quarterback to start the season. Fifty-one percent of more than 7,500 fans on a poll believe that he should be the No. 2 quarterback for the season opener on September 9.

Foles has impressed more than just the fans though. His noteworthy plays have caught the eye of his teammates and coaches as well. Vick believes that Foles has both the physical and mental ability to play quarterback at a high level in this league.

"His poise has really impressed me," Vick said, "his decision making obviously, and he has a big time arm. I think Nick has all the ingredients to be a great quarterback in this league. It may take some time, it may not. He has all the intangibles of what it takes."

Head coach Andy Reid has been impressed by Foles' ability to improve each day.

"I think what you look at with any rookie is, are they getting better every day?" Reid said. "He seems to be doing that and is more comfortable. We've got a load of plays in for him and he's able to recite those properly. Now it is just making sure he's got everybody down and that comes with reps but I would tell you we knew he was smart coming in and he hasn't disappointed us in that area. He's a pretty sharp kid, very diligent, works hard, and all of those things."

Foles' next test comes Monday night in front of a nationally televised audience when the Eagles travel to take on the New England Patriots. He will be the No. 2 quarterback and is expected to receive a significant amount of playing time in the second half. Until then, Foles keeps on honing his craft.

"I've still got a long ways to go, so I'll keep plugging away," Foles said.

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