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Vick Eclipses One Million Likes On Facebook

If there's any question about the popularity of Michael Vick, here's yet another measure to show how he is again one of the league's true superstars.

After launching his Facebook page ( a few games into the 2010 season, Vick has already accumulated over one million likes on the page. Vick cracked the one million like plateau on Tuesday night. According to, which ranks the most popular Facebook pages, there are only approxmimately2,200 pages with one million likes. Vick's page is ranked 51st among all athletes in the world.

The NFL's Comeback Player of the Year also had the sixth-best selling jersey for the 2010 season, according to, and what makes that more amazing is the fact that he wasn't even the starter until a few weeks into the regular season. Four of the five players ahead of him were established veterans and the other player was a first-round draft pick, Denver's Tim Tebow, who was third in the league in jersey sales.

Vick was the starter for the NFC squad in the Pro Bowl last year and his popularity certainly helped him get that spot. Well, that along with the historic Monday night performance against the Washington Redskins. Vick was second in the fan vote for the Pro Bowl to NFL MVP Tom Brady for the entire league. Vick had 1.52 million fan votes cast in his honor.

What's next for Vick? How about hitting the 500,000 follower mark on Twitter? He has over 414,000 as of this post. You can certainly lend a hand by going to his Twitter page (

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 5:30 p.m., March 9

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