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Vick Believes In His Team

Though much of the conversation around the Eagles is centered on their Super-Bowl-or-bust mentality, quarterback Michael Vick knows that the road to those goals begins in training camp. Vick arrived at Training Camp Sunday excited about the offseason and looking forward to the weeks ahead.

"I think we all want to go out and try to achieve success and make sure we put the hard work in on the practice field, which is where it all starts." Vick said, "We're very excited and our motivation is through the roof and we just want to have fun at the end of the day."

After last season's lockout-shortened offseason hampered Vick's time with coaches and teammates, having the time to work on his game has been critical.

"This offseason's been great," Vick said, "It goes to show that we have room for progression, and that's big. And I think I made a lot of strides; I think our entire team made strides.

"It was a challenge each and every day, going against our defense, and I know vice-versa for them, but we made the most of it."

Vick was asked about his recent comments to Comcast SportsNet's Derrick Gunn, when he said the Eagles have the potential, potential emphasized, to become a dynasty. Vick stood by his statement, saying it was spoken out of confidence.

"You have to speak it into existence; you have to aim and shoot for the stars, and if you miss you should be among them." Vick said, "That's how I think, and that has to be our mindset. But it all starts on the practice field. It all starts right now. It all starts here, and that's about putting in the hard work and the effort to get there."

It's fair to say that Vick is among the players most responsible for fulfilling the team's high hopes. For the team to be successful, their road to the Super Bowl starts on the football fields of Lehigh University—if everyone buys in.

"This is what we can build if we have the right mindset, and they say it all starts with training camp. And each and every guy has to look at themselves in the mirror at night and say 'I put 100 percent into my day and I got the most out of it.'"

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