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Tuesday Afternoon Practice Blog

Stay here all afternoon for complete updates from the practice fields at Lehigh University. The updates will be provided by Bob Kent (BK), Chris McPherson (CM) and Bo Wulf (BW)

  • 3:30 PM - Practice is about to get underway. Stay tuned. (CM)
  • 3:36 PM - For the second day in a row, most of the team is working on kickoffs and kickoff returns to open the afternoon practice. And for the second straight day Danny Amendola is getting every rep as the returner. Most of Parrish's kickoffs are still falling around the 5 yard line. Elsewhere, the three QB's are doing some target practice on a separate practice field and Donovan McNabb is having some fun talking to the several fans who ar watching. (BW)
  • 3:40 PM- Great news as Brian Westbrook as back out on the practice field stretching with Rick Burkholder, and it looks like they'll be going through a similar routine to the one they went through yesterday. The big news here is that Westbrook is fit enough to work out back-to-back days, and that's very encouraging as far as his progress is concerned. (BW).
  • 3:54 PM- It actually turns out to be even better news than I first thought on Westbrook's workout. As opposed to yesterday's workout which was limiited to forward jogging, so far Westbrook and Burkholder have been doing a lot of lateral quickness and agility drills. They started with lot of quick-stepping in and out of a laid-down rope ladder, and then did some sideways shuffles on the same ladder. Westbrook looked very smooth, and flashed a quickness and, more importantly, confidence in his ankle. Then, Burkholder and Westbrook worked some drills that some young Eagles fans might now from playing youth soccer. Westbrook was doing rotating toe-touches on the soccer ball, and although he looked to be very good physical shape, I have to say that Westbrook looks a little smoother with a football in his hands than he does with a soccer ball at his feet. Now, they're continuing to work on quickness, as Westbrook and Burkholder are passing the ball back and forth as they run forwards and backwards. (BW)
  • 4:03 PM - Well it's official: Brian Westbrook is quitting football and training for futbol season. In all seriousness, he actually just spent the last ten minutes playing one-on-one soccer against Burkholder in a small confined space with small goals. The drill allowed Westbrook to display how comfortable he is moving aroun in any direction, and at any pace. When he was playing defense, Burkholder had Westbrook twisting and turning and there seemed to be no hitches in any of the running back's movement. They're now doing some light sprints, and Westbrook again looks to be at around 100% from the eye test, although there's absolutely no need to rush anything with a player of his caliber. (BW)
  • 4:25 PM - Westbrook is finished for the day after putting in a very encouraging 45 minute session. On another field, they just ran through another series of 7-on-7 drills in which Cornelius Ingram and LeSean McCoy continued to battle it out for the honor of most impressive newcomer in camp so far. Ingram made another nice catch after running a tight route, and McCoy continues to look so smooth both catching the ball and cutting upfield after receiving the ball - it should be noted that he also has spent a few plays splitting out wide, another indication of the staff's confidence in the rookie. I haven't seen either McCoy or Ingram even juggle a ball all week. Brandon Robinson ran a very nice route on one play to create enough room for McNabb to fit the ball in for him, and Macho Harris made a very nice play in the air to break up a McNabb pass intended for Brandon Gibson. The drill ended with a fine diving pass breakup by Charleston Hughes on an A.J. Feeley pass intended for Ingram. (BW)
  • 4:40 PM - Another practice done, another session closed out by a Cornelius Ingram touchdown. For the second straight practice, the workout closed with red zone 7-on-7 drills, and Ingram again scored a 5-yard TD on the last play of the session, this time on an A.J. Feeley pass that Ingram hauled in after losing the coverage. That made touchdown bookends to the drill, as Donovan McNabb hit Kevin Curtis on a pretty throw and an even prettier route for a 20-yard TD. Charleston Hughes made another nice knockdown in coverage, this time on LeSean McCoy. And surprise, surprise, McCoy continued to look impressive catching the ball and turning upfield. I wanted to note how much I've noticed McNabb being encouraging and jovial with both McCoy and Ingram especially. McNabb knows that both of these guys might very well play pivotal roles in the 2009 offense, and he seems to be taking no time in building a good relationship with the two of them. (BW)
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