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Trotter Ready To Make A Difference Vs. Giants

When Jeremiah Trotter was brought in by head coach Andy Reid to be a physical, run-stuffing middle linebacker, the upcoming Giants game was circled on everyone's calendar as one in which Trotter would make an impact. Going against the pounding Brandon Jacobs and a vaunted Giants' rushing attack, Trotter's brand of football would appear to be the perfect addition to the defense.

"It's definitely going to be an explosion (when Jacobs and I meet head-on)," Trotter said. "He's a big guy, a tough runner, he always runs with a lot of passion ... As a defensive guy, I play with a lot of passion also. So I look forward to going up against those guys. For us, it's the Giants, you see them twice a year. If you can't get up for those guys you can't get up for anything.

"We've got to do a good job of staying in our lanes and playing downhill and physical. Like every week, we think the war is won up front, so it's going to be a big challenge for the front seven, front eight. We're looking forward to it, any time you play the Giants, a division rival, it's always going to be a big game.

Trotter feels like he's much more ready now to contribute than he was when he first rejoined the team.

"I'm still getting better every week. I feel my football legs getting back under me, and I'm getting to the point where I can just play without thinking. I'm excited about however many reps I get, and whenever I get a chance to get out there. If not, I'm going to try to cheer the other guys on and try to be a player-coach, so to speak."

"Man, it's like night and day. Just the way I'm moving, my reaction time, my first step. You know, in football it's all about your first and second step. I finally feel like I'm getting that back. Especially when you're coming downhill, attacking the line of scrimmage. I'm getting stronger every day. I'm taking advantage of not playing much, getting the extra workouts in so when they do need me, I'll be even better."

The Giants are the fifth-best rushing team in league, averaging 141.9 yards per game on the ground. Jacobs, the between-the-tackles bruiser, is averaging 3.9 yards per carry.

"It's huge for us," Trotter said. "We know those guys are going to be hungry, coming off two straight losses, and it's a division game. We need this one more than anything, and I know they're saying the same thing."

With the addition of Will Witherspoon to the defense, Trotter doesn't expect to be on the field every play, but he wants to make an impact when he's out there.

"I just work hard and when I'm called upon I try to be ready," he said. "It's about whatever the team needs and if they need me to play seven plays, I'll go in there for seven plays and try to do a good job. If they need me for 27, I'll try to go out and do a good job on that.

"I don't think they brought me in to take 90 percent of the snaps, especially me being 32 years old. Andy wants to keep me fresh, keep Will fresh ... Me and Will, we've got each other's back. We want the best for the team and for each other."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 12:20 p.m., October 30

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