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Here's your daily Eagles news roundup for Thursday, July 19 ...

Michael Vick's entire NFL career has taken place directly in the spotlight.

Vick believes the Eagles have the talent to be in the NFL's elite for years to come.

Even after his breakout 2011 season, LeSean McCoy![](/team/roster/lesean-mccoy/0aaa765f-e703-4112-9b4d-e79450ec9a1c/ "LeSean McCoy") still has room to grow.

After a down year in 2011, DeSean Jackson has no excuses. Can he deliver in 2012?

What should you watch at Lehigh when Training Camp gets underway? Here's a list of 25 things to consider.

The Eagles still have plenty of cap room available.

Michael Vick's story is one all NFL players should be familiar with.

Juan Castillo will have plenty of pressure to succeed in his second season as defensive coordinator, writes Dan Graziano.

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